3435 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland.
Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11:00 to 6:30
(510) 832-1228

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Our Popcorn




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Our Story

I grew up in Chicago. As a kid, I loved the hot summers and the snow ball fights in the winter. After graduate school and after working on the east coast for years, I moved to the Bay Area and fell in love with the town. I was fortunate enough to stay home to raise our daughter and after many years I decided to open up my own business. I always knew that doing something that I was passionate about and that made me happy was key. Well, I loved the popcorn that we had in Chicago and seemingly nowhere else. Not unlike our famous pizza, our popcorn is unique and people threaten their friends and family to return with popcorn or not come home! I've spent the past year and a half researching popcorn, thinking about the feasibility, interviewing friends, and noting foot-traffic patterns in different areas. I researched popcorn flavors, different recipes, I tasted from the best shops, and finally settled on what we believe is the perfect popcorn.

I am so excited about our store. I have truly put tons of effort and energy and love into doing this right. I've done it knowing that I wanted to create a popcorn that discerning Chicagoans would love and that my fellow Bay Area residents will enjoy as well. We called it Scarecrow. Historically, birds would eat so much of the corn that a farmer and his family would not have enough food to last through the winter. The scarecrow played an important role in preserving their crops. Fast forward to today. Our Scarecrow popcorn is here to scare away the other uninteresting and bland snacks out there. Our hope is that our scarecrow preserves the cheese and caramel popcorn that we know families, near and far, need in order to thrive. Please stop by. Happy eating!